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Xplore Handcrafted, where lovers of everything handcrafted meet and find the creative hands and minds behind the beautiful products.

Xplore Handcrafted is so much more than a website! It is the 'go-to' place to Explore, Discover and Support local. It is where we realise how much amazing talent we have on our doorstep and how buying bespoke truly is just as easy as walking into a shop or shopping mall.

Share your Stories and Newest Creations

This is your opportunity to share your passion, including photos - your visual explanation of what you create from your heart. And why limit your yourself to one platform or social media account at a time, link them all in your Xplore Handcrafted Profile and let the Xplorers choose which way they prefer to reach you; no more missing anyone.

Map and Tours

Create your own art/craft tours/trails, by linking up with other Xplore Handcrafted members in your area. Is there an event on in your town? Cash in on the extra visitors to your area by creating a tour of arts/crafts in a similar theme. Name it and advertise it… simple!

Put your Events on the App

Where Event Organisers can list their events, including links to their application forms, websites and Facebook page, but equally importantly, link all Xplore Handcrafted members that will be selling their beautiful creations at their event.

By Signing Up, You Support A Local Crafter in Africa

Handcrafters in rural South Africa are often the sole income earner in the family. Xplore Handcrafted, with your support and generosity, will help these wonderfully talented people, to not only support their families, but to grow and enrich their communities. For every 35 handcrafters that sign up, 1 rural maker will receive a smartphone, a kick-starter airtime top-up and a year free on the website and mobile app. Handcrafters helping handcrafters to bring their products to buyers like never before. You will be giving them the opportunity to compete in an ever evolving technology driven world, while they remain true to their culture and heritage.